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Ongoing Projects:

Our two main projects at the present time are  The Parrainages program and special support for Kankali secondary school following the earthquake on 25 April 2015:

1) Parrainages – Kankali Secondary School

A) Donations after the Devastating Earthquakes In Nepal


This particular call for donations is focused on Kankali Secondary School, a Community Government School in Kathmandu Valley. Kankali Secondary  School was established on 8th April 1982 (2039 Biasakh 25) and was soon after under the headmastership of Mr.Bishnu Paneru who remains the headmaster    until today.

Over the last 33 years the school has grown into a successful school with 28 class rooms. Mr. Bishnu Paneru is the author of the attached letter addressed to Mrs. Claudine Hengesch and to Mr. André Linden, calling   for urgent support and donations in favor of Kankali Secondary School:

• Mrs. Claudine Hengesch, president of the Luxembourg-Nepal association (Association Luxembourg-Népal), was personally active on the Kankali school premises as a Project Coordinator, figuring prominently as a  “prime mover” for Luxembourg support.

• Mr. André Linden started long-term private donations, after having been introduced to the project by Mrs. Hengesch.
• Over  the years Kankali Secondary School has received support  through NGOs, the Luxembourg Government, Luxembourg City’s  Secondary School Lycée Technique du Centre (LTC), Lycée Technique    de Bonnevoie (LTB) and from private donations.

• Since 1996 students of Kankali School have been sponsored by private donors from Luxembourg. We ask and thank-you for sending donations to the following bank  account:

Association Luxembourg-Népal a.s.b.l.Parrainages Kankali ALN B.P.2570, L-1025 LUXEMBOURG

CCPLLULL IBAN LU78 1111 7021 8195 0000 mention: Urgence Kankali



Date: 3 May 2015 14:58:44 CEST

“Dear Claudine/ Mr.Linden


Once more need to help NEPAL and its innocent CHILDREN!!!

Hope you are fine! Till now we entire Kankali family, students and guardians are physically sound. Thank you so much for your deep concern towards our miserable/depressed condition which is caused by Heavy, incredible Earthquake.

On April 25th Saturday at 11:55 a.m., We faced unbelievable and ever unforgettable natural disaster. This disaster made about 40 million people on the streets. More than 10 thousand people are killed; more than 20 thousand people have been seriously injured. About 2 million people have got wounded. The first earthquake was 7.9 Richter Scale then after more than 200 earthquakes shocked with more than 5 Richter Scale have been felt here. The most destruction is of the first quake but in addition to it another quakes have also destructed here along with rain too. The social environmental circumstance here is very anxious.

More than four hundred thousand houses have been collapsed. Out of these about two hundred thousand houses are cracked where people cannot stay any longer in their house respectively. By this great earthquake, mostly thirteen districts are highly affected. Among them Kathmandu valley, Dhading, Sinduplachowk, Nuwakot, Kaverpalchowk are tremendously affected.

Most of the heritage places like Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Bhimsen tower, Syambhunath temple, Pashpatinath, Bouudha Nath, Changunaryan, Krishna Temple and many more are broken. Some parts of the best road from Koteshwor to Suryabinayek are crumbled and about ten thousand government offices are also collapsed and more than thirteen thousand houses have been cracked according to the government officials by the quakes. So far, our catchment areas like Naikap-5, 6, 7, 8 Syuchatar -8, 9 , Metropolitan city-14, Balambu-9, and Dahachowk-2,are totally destroyed.

In the case of Kankali School, new building and toilets are also cracked by these terrible quakes and in computer lab all computers have fallen down from the desk and they have to be checked then only I can tell you whether they work or not.

Nepal Government has announced that we are in state of emergency. So, for one month all educational institutions declared to be closed. The people of Kankali are living at school class rooms as a shelter centre because in this area among 59 houses 53 houses are totally destroyed, thus, they have no place to stay. Now the situation is very critical because there is no food, water, electricity, mobile phone, petroleum product, medicine etc. There is even no wood for funeral of death Body. So you could imagine how miserable condition is facing by Nepali people. How to run the school in the coming academic year is a great question. All these affected people will be moved to the down and no more children will be with us.

Hence, Most of the villagers including stakeholders are requesting us to help somehow from any sectors. But you know better, how school can help those who became victims by disasters. So We SMC, PTA, Teachers, Guardians and other concerned people humbly request you if possible let’s help them by any means of source. You see, About 95 percent of sponsored students and former Students family houses are completely
damaged. As you know those who are sponsored were extremely pitiable condition, now you can figure the life of them. I cannot explain all about their miserable situation indeed. Concurrently few teachers and two office Assistance’s houses also have been completely destroyed.

Claudine/Linden, you are the preserver and guardians of Kankali School, teachers and its students. They all are seeking some supports from national, international individuals, NGO’s, INGO’s and Government as well.

So, Is there any possibility to move with some relief Fund/ Materials to those who are fully victim by earthquakes? I must feel ashamed to ask for help however again I am compelled to ask for. We know, Claudine/ Mr. Linden, INGO’s, Government and individuals of Luxembourg have done many successful efforts since many years. Now it is depend upon you but never take it as a compulsion.

Please convey the scenarios to all foster parents and best wisher of KSS and let me know how possibilities can be made. If needed we will send you details relief works to be done. We Teachers /VDC/ students/Stakeholders are also trying to collect some contribution from various sectors for those who are seriously victim by quakes.

Thank you, Bishnu Paneru


B) Kankali Secondary School & Individual Sponsorship

Offrir une education de qualité à un élève Népalais.

Depuis 1997 L’Association Luxembourg-Népal  parraine une dixaine d’élèves nécessiteux au Népal. Entre 75 et 100 élèves de l’école Kankali reçoivent chaque année une aide financière. Ces enfants sont orphelins, semi-orphelins ou issus de familles très pauvres. Sans aide matérielle, réussir l’école est pour eux un rêve non-réalisable. La contribution pour une année scolaire s’élève à 130 €.

Cette année les sept élèves parrainés de la classe terminale de Kankali School ont passé avec succès l’examen final SLC (School Leaving Certificate). Leur scolarité à Kankali School est venue à terme et ces élèves ont la possibilité de faire des études universitaires après deux années préparatoires (college).
Si vous souhaitez aider un/e élève, veullez contacter Claudine Hengesch par courriel  :

Grâce à l’aide d’un sponsor très généreux, l’école dispose depuis  peu d’un minibus pour assurer le transport des enfants de leur village à l’école. Tout don est bienvenu et sera utilisé pour couvrir les frais d’assurance et de diesel.

Association Luxembourg-Népal a.s.b.l.Parrainages Kankali ALN
CCPLLULL IBAN LU78 1111 7021 8195

Nepal school bus

School Bus, Février 2015


2) Support for victimes of the earthquake:

 aide au victims 1aides au victimes 2

Tous les élèves recevront une collation a midi pendant une année scolaire

Vous pouvez contribuer à cette action :

  • avec un don unique
  • avec un ordre permanent

€ 10 par mois = un repas pour un/e eleve pour un an

  • en parrainant un/e élève, € 130 par année scolaire

ALN Kankali (association Luxembourg-Nepal)

B.P.2570, L-1025 Luxembourg

CCPLLULL IBAN LU78 1111 7021 8195 0000

mention :  Aide Kankali / Naikap